Saturday, January 2, 2010


Important year, eh?

Time to engage in the charectersitically human endevour of "celebrating". This absolutely intruiging act encompasses and includes jumping up and down on the sofa and buying 20 packets of carribean flavor frito lay chips to devour with members of your secret society who's primarly occupation happens to be depriving themselves of sleep in order to do most illuminating things such as watch zomibies blow their own heads off.
Well, you get the drift.

Really, the human speices interest me. Not that I'm from Mars or anything, but the way that we pass off most pointless things as something worthwhile is the most intruging of mysteries.
I don't stay up to watch people wish each other a happy new year.
I sleep. I snore. I dream of fluffy bunnies skipping about in lovely emerald meadows...
And get up the next day, all full of wonderful vital energy, ready to take over the world.

"Celebrating" new year is easy, and uncomplicated my way. But sigh, nobody listens to good old advise from a pipsqueak. Hence, I have to bear with the rest of the teenage world turning into aliens on New year's eve.
Aha, I must be growing up.
The travials of the intelligent, sagely souls who trasure all the wisdom of the world!

Sigh, it's like nobody listens to these profound words of wisdom.
Not that I care, anyway.
Just letting you know.

And oh, Happy new year, everybody.
I know I wished late.
Just goes to say I'm lazy. Just goes to say that I do weird things.
May all of you continue to be sleep-deprived, celebrate and do other equally pointless things these year!

Happy happy new year! :)

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ZARDY said...

You can't stay up at night? Then how is it that you're a Vampire? I can't stay up at night either. I don't have so much stamina. :P

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