Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Profound words of encouragement that is going to make all the difference in the world.

(CAUTION: Kaapi's mood is philosophical. Oopsy! That means some serious self-condemnation comin' up. If your brain is chronically befuddled at the end of it all, don't tell me I didnt' warn you.)

Mood: Philosophical without a reason.
Flavor of Post: Wondering the meaning of existance and a detailed examination of the causes of social imbalance.
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Thank You.

Social Reject.
Somebody who doesn't have a life.

If any of the above words can be used to describe the whole of your existance in entirity, you belong to the ultra-conspicious species of homo sapiens that incidentally, even Philter Kaapi falls into. And you probably spend pathetically long, purposeless hours spying on the facebook profiles of the creatures at the other end of the spectrum----the social elite, culturally active, splendidly barbaric who have more than a 1000 friends on their list, don't end up playing Farmville at the end of the day, and actually recieve a 100+ comments for their most enlightenining status message, ":)".

Yeah, if your life could be that grand.

So you pick up your hiking boots and think there must be a singularly wonderful destiny awaiting you. Maybe if you make an attempt at showing them you have a life too, they would end up as jealous as you are right now. So you walk up an abandoned trail with a geek friend, or pose with random aunties. You click a 50 very artistic pictures of that scary looking tree stump, crows and dirt. You return home triumphant and upload the pictures into an album "When I had the best time of my life and did some very great things!!!!!!!! :) :) :)" and take particular care in ensuring that the album is open to everyone.

The very next day, the social elite have their pictures up of their visit to Italy, Paris and Rome. Of course, they are in their cooling glasses, and they aren't posing with thier grandmothers. And gosh do they look gorgeous. They're in rome, baby, in front of the collosium, with their huge gang of gangly teenagers who made it to to the place in one peice to join Green Peace activists to fight against Global Warming.

Cool stuff. Right.
You feel an utter loser.

So, at the end of the day, you go back to your farmville to cultivate crops, or find more ugly ducklings. And you join the group, "I wonder if there was anything more to life". :D

Whatever happened to the age-old philosophy that all human being were born equal, and that god gifted all with special abilites. Everyone is equally special, deserves to be equally loved, admired and adulated. Kinda feels like crap to you, doesn't it?

Well, I'll tell ya this. They might be popular. They might be happy. They might be on top of the world......sure, they are all that.

And you....are just you. Nerd, dweeb, weirdo, obnoxious, blah blah.
It's not like they have a different heamogobin in their viens. Or that they don't breathe oxygen for that matter. And they definitely aren't from mars.

So go back to the age-old philosophy no matter how unbelivable it seems. They might give a damn, but still belive that life's special. That YOU are more special than anyone else.

You might be making an incorrect assumption, but in the end---it's your happiness that matters above all else.

So believe. Coz you've got your life to lead buddy, and they have got thiers.

And know this, friend---you have this 100% obnoxious, moronic, dweeby, geeky, weird, nerdy girl for company, cheering you on. If that doesn't help, know that there is atleast one more creature who's just like you. That might be of some help. ;)
If the world ends, Philter Kaapi shall endure all odds to come back an hold your hand. (Ain't THAT what you call "dramatic?")
A friend told me something. "It's when we laugh that we are all connected together...."
:) Those who have a million friends, often find it hard to understand each and every one of them.
You might have fewer, but you know them better.
If you have none, you still know youself better than anybody else on this planet.
And for that, I shoudl be congraulating you.
You know who you are. Some people don't.
They happen to be suffering from acute dementia, alzhimers, or are called the socially elite.
Wear your smile tight!!!!!

Warmest Regards,

Philter Kaapi

(deviant post, i know. Shall come back to talk about the movie someday. The someday, should be after another set of gruelling midterms IF i don't relapse into the I'm-socrates-reincarnate-mood again! Cheers!!!)