Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Theory of the APEchuic Evolution!

(BREAKING NEWS: Kachaguli Pencil has made GROUNDBREAKING discoveries in the field of evolutionary biology!! His theory of APEchuic evolution has revolutionized the way we think about a certain English teacher who had long since been suspected to be showing symptoms of Anti-Darwinism. The inquisitive scientist and the awesomeness factor in KP have lead to the most startling and praise-worthily works in all of biological science. Screw genetics. They are throwing that out of the window. Looks like the biological sciences found a new dogma. His scientific journey is complete today, with his contribution being short-listed for the Nobel.
As the members of the Parliment of Backyard Philosophers,we couldn’t’ have been more proud of his achievement!
And this blog is more than privileged to be the first Rosetta stone documenting his astonishing discoveries


This complex thoery describes the baffling evolution of the apechic being..
it is a well known fact that our english teacher IS actually the elusive "missing link";
truly astounding how she manages to blend in (somewhat) to our society , despite the many obvious social shortcomings one would associate with an ape!!

Because of her comendable, yet inexplicable success in adapting to this present day environment, i decided to do some research regarding how apechu got this far!!
Aproaching this issue with the most logical & scientific temperment,i successfully traced out the origins of this fascinating being!
ALSO, based on the pattern of her evolutionary growth so far, i have meticulously predicted the most likely path her journey of evolution will take her to!!

In order to make my findings more easily understood by the masses, i decided upon a pictiorial representaion to clearly draw out my profound conlusions!!

In short, this is what it all boils down to, folks:


Philter Kaapi said...

We all hail you, glorious Kachaguli Pencil, for being such a smartass and brining so much enlightenment to the sceintific community and the everyday morons such as us! God bless yoU!!! Your scientific breakthroughts are utterly commendable, and my gratitude is too short for words! who knew about the mysteries of the evolution behind this being?
WOw. your works have shown new insight! Thanks for saving mankind with knowledge.
Yea dude.
Knowledge is power.
May thy pen stay sharp!

Philter Kaapi said...

:D :D HOW do you do it??
More, more, more, more, more.
the children in the back of the tent are screaming,
"wee waaaannnntttt moreeee"

kachaguli pencil said...

thank u pk!!!! :D :D :D
i do admit...it wasnt easy, my research was back breaking stuff!! spent way too many sleepless nights trying to crack this evolutionary puzzle!

thank u for generously offering this space to publish my profound findings!!
altough im pretty sure national geographic & time will be approaching me soon...
but nonetheless im a grateful person, i never forget my roots... :P :P

kachaguli pencil said...

weeee!!! me no no!! me just super talented i guess!! :D ;)

ZARDY said...

Nice job guys! Your teacher must be on hell of a torture if you're taking revenge now. Interesting cartoon! I like it.:)

kachaguli pencil said...

hey! thanks a lot buddy!! :D
really appreciate it! :)

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