Sunday, April 4, 2010

Swami Unknownananda's first words of wisdom

Hi Friends! I am Swami Unknownananda. Well, you may be wondering who I am. Before answering your question, I would like to thank my disciple V@$K1N for encouraging me to use the internet and forcing me to be a part of profound words of wisdom blog. Then, of course, I thank Miss Philter Kaapi for giving me an opportunity to share my views through this blog without whom it would have been impossible for you to see this post.

Without further ado, let me tell you how I became Swami Unknownananda. I'm usually a pretty cheerful guy, but I was fed up with the way our education system works, with the way my life was, those one sided love which never became 2 way. To be precise, I was fed up with everything associated with my life. There were only 2 options running through my mind.
1) Suicide
2) Run away from this materialistic world and settle down somewhere either in the Himalayas or in a place like Haridwar.

You need some kind of crazy courage to commit suicide and that thing was missing in me. Moreover, my parents and friends told me that they would be more than happy to make arrangements for my demise, which took out all the fun in my dramatic statement. I wanted to proove a point by existing, anyway. So, option 1 was completely ruled out.

I was brought up in a comfortable environment and I didn’t know the meaning of difficulty and hard work (I don’t think that I know their meanings even now). Running away meant that, you should be strong enough to face the difficulties. I wasn’t mentally and physically prepared for it. As this is the only option left, I thought of preparing before rejecting this materialistic life and I knew that it would take some time. I decided to run away only after good amount of preparation (unlike the preparations for exams where u can pass even without sufficient preparation)

Over the next few days, I learnt more about Gautama Buddha. I found out that he rejected his material life after his marriage and he got enlightened after sitting under a bodhi tree. I was greatly inspired by him and wanted to follow his footsteps but I wasn’t married to anyone (That’s the only problem I faced). I am in the last year of my teen and I guess, I have to wait for another 5 or 6 years to run away. Till then, I will be searching for a suitable bodhi tree and protect it for people like me. I am eagerly waiting for that particular day in my life when I become Knownananda from Unknownananda. The world will hopefully start worshipping me from that moment.

Note: I am not a godman. I am just a common man with a crazy goal in my mind.


Philter Kaapi said...

:D glad to know that you aren't dead, or married, or anybody famous yet, swamiji.
I humbly bow before your divine presence and thank you in all earnest for joining the parliment.
we are so glad for your presence, which adds this extra englightening halo around us.
how cool!!
Do keep coming back with your amazing words of wisdom that is presently shaking the world.
(PS: Superb post, sir!)

Swami said...

lol! :) I am in the process of gaining knowledge:) I am not yet a complete Swami:) Thank you so much Miss Philter Kaapi for publishing this useless story on how I became Swami Unknownananda:)I am feeling great to be a part of Parliament of Backyard Philosophers:)This was just my introduction. I will keep posting:) Hope people will like me:)

ZARDY said...

Nice to meet you Mr. Swami-yet-to-be Unknownanda!I enjoyed your introduction.

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